Fight Terror

Fight Terror

Defend people from the terrorists in the game Fight Terror
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Fight Terror is an arcade action game from The game's setting is very straightforward. You are someone armed and dangerous, willing to do your part in the war against terror. Though it's not only terrorists you will be shooting at; in fact, it is everything that moves and you don't like. There are the afghan terrorists, ninjas, mafiosos, tanks and even alien invaders. The last ones are surprising but you are in such a state that it doesn't matter as long as they die from your bullets.

The game is really simple: you just need to stand at one point (apparently, in a trench) and the enemies will come towards you. You just aim with your mouse and kill them. There is an occasional tank and an armored vehicle that takes more time to kill. However, when you kill certain enemies, flying spheres come out of their bodies and they contain power-ups. Those can be health, weapons or an air strike. Fight Terror features some cartoon graphics and the presentation is only average. However, the game does manage to entertain, and it is also free.

Ismael Mireles
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  • A good casual game in general


  • Bad sounds
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